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What to Know About Acquisition Corps

You are investing in what's called an "Acquisition Corp", meaning this corporation was created solely to identify exciting and financially sound companies and take them public. These opportunities offer the highest rewards and also the highest risk.

Acquisition Corps are attractive for private companies of all sizes as they provide a faster and more cost-efficient way to go public. While there are more small-cap stocks that go public via Acquisition Corps, there are high profile Acquisition Corp listings such as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

Thanks to Canada's equity crowdfunding regulations, you can invest today with as little as $100 CAD. Due to the speculative nature of pre-IPO investing, a maximum investment size of $1, 500 CAD in placed by the CSA.

How it works

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The company goes public between 4-8 months from now.

The Risks

While taking part in an Acquisition Corp that has an experience team with a high number of vetted companies to choose from is promising, it is still a highly speculative and risky investment.

The biggest risk is that the Acquisition Corp is not able to identify a company and take them public. This would mean your entire investment could become worthless along with the capital that GoPublic.AI and their other partners are investing.


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Kevan Matheson

CEO and Founder at Edge Investments

The GoPublic.AI team was instrumental in partnering with to find a world-class company, Plantable, to take public. Thanks again, guys!


Michael Townsend

Managing Partner at Altus Capital Partners

Nick and the team at GoPublic.AI have been fantastic to work with, they were able to identify an incredible business, the right investors, and structure a deal that was exciting for everyone.

Peter Hughes

35+ year public markets expert

In this business, it’s all about building strong relationships with experienced people and managing timelines. I have found Nick, Tyler, and the rest of the GoPublic team to be knowledgeable, hard-working, efficient, and personable.

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A Few Companies We've Worked With

Exchanges We Work With


Canadian Securities



TSX Venture



The Nasdaq.


The NEO Exchange.

How does GoPublic.AI find these companies?

Using a hybrid of 100+ years of deep personal relationships and AI technology, we're able to identify 250+ companies per month and vet them using our proprietary due-diligence tools.


Once your investment goes public, now what?

1. Watch your investment grow.

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2. Sell your shares.

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What is Equity Crowdfunding?​
This is the sale of shares of a company in exchange for equity in the company.

What is the maximum I can invest in a deal?

We can accommodate investment sizes of all kinds. If you're looking to make a sizable investment, please reach out to us on our contact page.

Do I need to be an accredited investor?

No. Our mission is to democratize investments in Pre-IPO investing to the masses!

How long does a go public transaction take?On average, it takes 6-12 months for a transaction to go public. That being said, these types of investments in private companies can take up to 2+ years in rare circumstances

What exchange will my investment be listed on?

We currently list companies on the TSXv (Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures) and CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange).

How will I know when there is an opportunity to invest?​​​​

​​Once you sign up we will ask you your preference as to how you want to be notified. We offer both email and SMS notifications as well as through our social media channels.

What is the minimum I can invest in a deal?​​​​

​​The minimum you can invest in any particular deal is $100.

Will there be updates on my investment?

Yes. We will update you every step of the way via email, SMS and social media.