Helping Companies Go Public,

While Raising Them $1M-$50M

$58M +

Raised and Invested.


Market Cap Realized.


Companies Taken Public.

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Pro's of Going Public

  • Access to enormous amounts of capital, quickly.

  • Attract senior executives with liquid stock options.

  • Gain brand recognition, validation & media coverage.

  • Ability to make acquisitions using stock not cash.

  • Enable your customers to become avid shareholders. 

Con's of Going Public

  • Added cost of being a public company.

  • Increased financial reporting.

  • Distractions during IPO process.

  • Performance pressure.

  • Loss of privacy.

Get Funded Quickly

If you're selected, our team will connect you with our rolodex of investors and raise your company $1M-$50M. 
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We Build Your

Dream Team

The go public process requires lawyers, auditors, accountants and more. We connect you with the best in the industry. 

Learn From 100+

Years of Experience

Experience raising funds, structuring deals and taking world-class companies public.
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We Only Succeed,

If You Succeed


Our business model is 100% success-based.

A Few Companies We've Worked With


Kevan Matheson

CEO and Founder at Edge Investments

The GoPublic.AI team was instrumental in partnering with to find a world-class company, Plantable, to take public. Thanks again, guys!


Michael Townsend

Managing Partner at Altus Capital Partners

Nick and the team at GoPublic.AI have been fantastic to work with, they were able to identify an incredible business, the right investors, and structure a deal that was exciting for everyone.

Peter Hughes

35+ year public markets expert

In this business, it’s all about building strong relationships with experienced people and managing timelines. I have found Nick, Tyler, and the rest of the GoPublic team to be knowledgeable, hard-working, efficient, and personable.

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How it works

Step 1


Complete Our



Step 2


Meet our team so we can understand your needs.

Step 3


We work to find you $1M-$50M to grow your company.

Step 4

Now you're a publicly traded company!

*Not all companies are suitable for going public.

Find out if going public is best for your company*


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How long does it take to complete your assessment?​

We know how busy you are so we have made our proprietary assessment as short as possible, approximately 7-8 minutes.

Is my company too early?

If your company is valued at over $2M then you have the potential to take your company public.

What exchange will my company be listed on?

We currently list companies on the TSXv (Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures) and CSE (Canadian Securities Exchange).

How long do I stay in the deal room?

Generally, 30+ days dependent on your assessment score.

Can I take the assessment again?

​Yes, you can take the assessment again after 30+ days dependent on our internal review.

How does get compensated?

We only succeed if you succeed. Our compensation is determined by our ability to raise you capital and take you public.

What happens if I get contacted?​​​​

​​You will be guided through the process by public-market experts. We're here for support and questions along the way.

Why did you identify us?

We watch for market trends for specific industries and companies that could potentially succeed on the TSXv and CSE.

We're not fundraising, why take your assessment?

You will be exposed to 50,000+ investors, brokers, and financiers.

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