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Depending on your needs and current market trends we identify private companies primed to succeed on the NEO Exchange, Nasdaq, TSXv,  and CSE and connect you with their founders.

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Dirty Work

Before financiers meet each private company, each founder fills out an extensive AI-powered due diligence assessment to provide investors with the information they need.

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Due Diligence Process


Our machine-learning platform takes a "full-body x-ray” and then spits out comprehensive metrics and reports about the "target" business.

Experts in negotiating & closing deals

Our deal team, led by our CEO Nick Findler is very experienced in originating, structuring, negotiating, and closing transactions on your behalf. 

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Our business model is 100% success-based.


Kevan Matheson

CEO and Founder at Edge Investments

The GoPublic.AI team was instrumental in partnering with to find a world-class company, Plantable, to take public. Thanks again, guys!


Michael Townsend

Managing Partner at Altus Capital Partners

Nick and the team at GoPublic.AI have been fantastic to work with, they were able to identify an incredible business, the right investors, and structure a deal that was exciting for everyone.

Peter Hughes

35+ year public markets expert

In this business, it’s all about building strong relationships with experienced people and managing timelines. I have found Nick, Tyler, and the rest of the GoPublic team to be knowledgeable, hard-working, efficient, and personable.

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