5 Steps to becoming a public company.

Updated: Feb 3

Many founders of their private businesses find the thought of going public to be a bit overwhelming and they often ask us to break down the steps to go public, so we’ve broken it down here for you:

5 Steps:

1. GoPublic.AI assessment: Take our 10-minute assessment. if your company is selected, we will work with you personally to raise your company $1M-$20M.

2. We find you investors: Next, we take the findings from your assessment and connect you with investors and financiers that invest in companies just like yours.

3. We find you a shell company: Once we have the capital committed by financiers to your company, we look to identify a public vehicle AKA shell company. We essentially merge the shell company and your private business, this process is called an “RTO” or reverse takeover. RTOs are the most common “go-public” transactions. We are also able to do 3 other types of transactions, learn more here.

4. Exchange acceptance: Acceptance from the securities exchange will be based on providing 2 years of audited financial statements, if you don’t have these statements we can help coordinate.

5.Now you’re public!: Now you’re public and you will have an additional $1M-$20M for growth!