7 Types of People to Hire to Take My Company Public in Canada (AKA The “Deal Team”)

Not only does your company require a dream team in order to be successful, so does your go public transaction. Throughout this article, we strive to explain the essential team members required to help you carry out and complete your go public transaction.

The Deal Team

The process of listing on an exchange and going public in Canada will require your company to assemble an experienced deal team. The deal team will include underwriters, lawyers, accountants, technical experts, and other consultants.


A public offering is conducted through an investment dealer or dealers, acting as an underwriter, who offer your company’s securities to the public. Underwriters in security offerings have three main roles: advising the client on the IPO, preparing and filing the required documents (prospectus), and distributing the securities to investors.


Counsel for your company and the underwriters manage the offering procedure and prepare the required documents and agreements. The required documents and agreements include the prospectus, listing application and underwriting agreement, and deal with the securities depository, securities regulators and stock exchange.


In order to go public, it is essential that you have audited historical financial statements. Accountants will assist your company in updating audited financial statements, formulating and authenticating other financial information in the prospectus, including interim financial statements, capitalization tables and other non-audited financial disclosures, translation of financial statements into French if required, and providing comfort letters to the securities regulators and underwriters. Accountants will also assist in creating the controls and measures needed for continued public company reporting.

Industry Experts

Having experts involved in your go public transaction is essential, and also vary depending on industry. Companies in the mining or oil and gas industries will need experts to prepare independent technical reports to help with technical information, such as reserves and resources, disclosed in the prospectus. In addition, other expert reports, such as property appraisals, may be considered to be necessary from a marketing standpoint. Securities legislation may necessitate such reports to be certified and written consent of the expert will be required to be filed in connection with filing the prospectus.

Transfer Agent

Your company will need to retain a registrar and transfer agent. A transfer agent plays an important role in acting as a liaison between a company's registrar and an investor. They closely maintain an investor's account balances and electronically maintain certificates of security ownership. Generally, securities are issued in book entry only form using CDS Clearing and Depository Services Inc. as the depository.


Typically, a public relations or investor management consultant will be retained. It is also common for a company to retain a roadshow consultant to assist in marketing of an IPO. A roadshow is a way in which underwriters of a firm hold presentations made in various locations leading up to an initial public offering in order to better market the securities being offered and help create demand.

Through our combined network and years of navigating the public markets, we have worked with some of the best candidates available in Canada. As a team, we would be more than happy to help you hand-select the right people for the job to help you navigate your go public transaction smoothly and efficiently.

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