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Nick Findler

CEO & Managing Partner
Nick is an accomplished entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist.
Over the past decade, Nick has advised and helped raise over $58M for growth companies and has been involved in 20+ IPOs/RTOs in the public markets (primarily the TSX & CSE) and multiple private exits.
Nick looks to unite great financiers, brokers, and deal-makers with top-tier founders of growth businesses to help them accelerate their businesses.
Deepening relationships, connecting with new people, and helping more strangers become friends are deeply important to Nick and a lens through which he sees the world. This passion and curiosity led him to study the neuroscience of human connection in 2020.
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Rory Beaupre

CTO & Partner

Rory brings 10+ years of data-driven marketing and product development skills. In his agency career, Rory held leadership roles in building and scaling online growth efforts for world-class brands such as Coinbase, Salomon, Sotheby's Realty, Tempur-Sealy International and many more.

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for GoPublic.AI, Rory helps to shape product priorities, direction, and regularly evangelize solutions and roadmaps as one of our thought-leading technical experts. His role helps to support strategic sales opportunities, drive GTM, and provide deep industry knowledge on market-leading solutions.
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Tyler Cresswell

CRO & Partner

Tyler is the Chief Revenue Officer at GoPublic.AI, a firm that connects financiers with shells and high-growth private companies that are ready to go-public. He is a former wealth advisor turned tech business executive with a mission to connect world-changing entrepreneurs and investors with the help of technology. Over the last 5 years, Tyler has assisted in 10+ go-public rounds of both U.S. and Canadian companies.

Prior to his career in finance, Tyler founded a real estate development company which successfully built and sold 8 residential properties generating over $2M in revenue by the age of 21. Tyler then became an angel investor in multiple CPG companies where he has been mentioned in Forbes, GQ and other notable publications.
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Seán Farrell

COO & Partner

Seán utilizes his engineering background to successfully tackle business challenges that give organizations the structure they need to scale.
Being an entrepreneur himself, he has a unique ability to bridge the gap between the operational side and the creative side of the business.
Seán thrives off unleashing the potential of teams by implementing standard operating procedures that allow teams to play to their strengths and use their skills in as much a creative, innovative, and efficient manner as possible.
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Peter Hughes

Public Markets Specialist

Mr. Hughes has 35 years business experience including senior-level executive and Director positions in both private and public companies specializing in pharmaceuticals, alternative energy, sports technology and mining. Peter has built industrial and resource companies from the ground up and has obtained regulatory approval and exchange approval for numerous reporting issuers in both Canada and the US.


His experience includes; corporate structuring, public and private financing, marketing, strategic planning, negotiating agreements and public company management. He has also worked with National Research Council Canada providing alternative energy companies with market intelligence and strategic planning. Mr. Hughes currently serves on the Board of Directors of 4 publicly traded companies and specializes in Board management and independent committee work (audit, governance, nominating and compensation).

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Nicholas Coltura 

Business Development Associate

Over the past 2 years, Nick has worked with corporate communication teams for several public companies which include Rockridge Resources (TSX.V: ROCK), Skyharbour Resources (TSX.V: SYH) and Straightup Resources (CSE: ST). Tasks included updating corporate presentations and factsheets, updating company websites, and reaching out to potential and current investors informing them about the company's activities and strengthening relationships.
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Chad Rickaby

Government Grants Specialist

Chad is an experienced public sector strategist in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. With a background in Public Policy, he has extensive experience working with public sector stakeholders.

Chad has secured $10M+ in public sector funds and grants through more than 50 successful applications. In addition to grants and tax credits, he advises companies on navigating government systems to help position organizations within government strategic priorities and programs.

Chad is driven by connecting public sector support opportunities with innovators and entrepreneurs.

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